[How-To] Log-In | b2b Shop

The new season is around the corner – just like our new b2b shop on which we have worked intensively over the last few months.
Wheather product search, price query or order incl. dropshipping. 
Via our new order platform we offer you access to the complete delivery program of all brands.

The Shortfacts

  • Shop system based on our in-house merchandise management system
  • This allows you not only to order items or place pre-orders (in the future), but also to see when currently sold out or in transit items will be available again
  • Due to the basis of our merchandise management, all articles of our portfolio are displayed. A check of availability, no matter which article, can be done online in the future by the shop itself. There is no need to call our sales team.

How to login

Since the shop is based on our merchandise economy, there is already an account for your company.

Click here for our b2b shop

The easiest way to set a password is to click on „Passwort vergessen„, which will then trigger a corresponding e-mail to your billing address / AB (mail) stored in the system.

After successful registration, you can easily shop. All details (billing address, shipping address) are already preset, as they are already stored in our system.

If something has to be changed (dropshipping etc.) you can of course make these changes yourself

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team