Kurosh Kiani wechselt zur Starboard

Nachdem vor einigen Wochen Jaeger Stone, Tristan Algret und Jordy Vonk als neue “Starboard Super Heroes” präsentiert wurden kommt nun noch ein weiterer Slalom Fahrer hinzu. Kurosh Kiani ist zurück im “Dream Team” und freut sich auf die neue Saison. Bei einem Besuch im Starboard Headquarter wo Kurosh seine neuen Boards abholte wurde entstand auch ein kleines Interview mit ihm.


Starboard: Hi Kurosh! Welcome to the Starboard Dream Team for 2015. Why did you decide to make the move?

Kurosh: “Starboard was the first brand that I was on when I started the world tour. I have always had a good relationship with Starboard, and after trying out their gear over this last year, I opened up my eyes towards trying to go down a new path, and there was not much doubt really, Starboard is where I wanted to go.

Starboard: Which boards will you be choosing for your competitive quiver and why?

Kurosh:I’ll be choosing the iSonic 130, 107, 90 and 87. It’s an easy choice for me really. The iSonic 130 with its amazing wind range can handle my biggest slalom sails, and can handle loads of wind. The iSonic 107 will be my all-round board which will carry my bigger and smaller sails, and will probably be the board I will be using the most with its new expanded width and upgrades. For small boards, I have always been used to riding “bigger” small boards, which is why I’ll have both the iSonic 90 and iSonic 87 in my quiver. The iSonic 90 will be a great all-round board, while the iSonic 87 will be the ultimate high wind board for me, and probably be my go to board in strong winds.”

Starboard: What’s the biggest difference you see from your old boards to the iSonics?

Kurosh: “The biggest difference in the boards is really the massive amount of energy which is being put into the development program, which then in the end results in boards which have been tested by different people in different conditions.

What I notice the most is the great acceleration on the boards, and the fact that you can jump on them and be competitive pretty much instantaneous. Finally, we all have different styles, and feeling comfortable on your gear is important, and with the new iSonics, I know I have the weapons to be kicking ass out there on the race course!”

Starboard: All the riders switching to iSonics jump up 10 spots in the ranking in the same year. What do you hope to achieve this year?

Kurosh:I hope first of all the be able to perform at a more consistent level. That level of consistency may very well mean jumping 10 places. Although it’s hard to put numbers on these things, I of course hope to be jumping 10 places or more, knowing that when I hit the right mode on the right day, I can be up there, and now with some great boards under my feet, hopefully I have that edge to consistently stay up there.

I’ve done the maths already, it doesn’t take more than a few more good rounds per event, and things are already looking up. But ultimately, I just want to kick ass, and be able to show what I’ve got, and riding the iSonics I believe will help me achieve those goals!”